Thursday, October 05, 2006

About the "Rolling with..." article

For those of you interested in reading the "Rolling with Spring and Hibernate" article series, here's a quick recap of the contents:
  1. The first part is just about APIs and development environment.
  2. The second part begins the building of the model, with Hibernate and transaction configuration and a basic CRUD-able entity class.
  3. In the third part a controller and a few views are added, and the application is deployed for the first time. Also a few notes about AspectJ weaving and Jetty.
  4. Part four adds a second class to the model, and a relation between the two model classes. Here we can see what amount of work is needed to add one more model class to an existing application.
  5. Testing is covered in part five, both mock testing and integration testing against a database.
  6. And in the final part I comment a little on the differences between Rails and the stack at hand, and some suggestions for Spring improvement.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome. The code is available as a Google Code project. Embarassingly enough, I've misspellt "Recipe" as "Recipie" thoughout the application, but the blog text is corrected. Refactoring recipie->recipe is left as en excercise to the reader :-)

Update: those of you who find this article interesting, might also enjoy this more recent in-depth look at implementing the ActiveRecord pattern using Spring and Hibernate.

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